6 amazing hotels in Stockholm that I can’t wait to visit


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6 amazing hotels in Stockholm that I can’t wait to visit

I’m currently planning my (hopefully) upcoming trip to Sweden over Christmas. I’m keeping all fingers crossed and håller tummarna (as we say in Sweden – holding my thumbs) that my flights won’t get cancelled.
Since this has been quite a up and down year and I’ve really managed to put in lots of work in to starting up my own business I thought that I would perhaps treat myself to a little stay at one of the hotels in Stockholm if I manage to keep it up.I’ve been dreaming away on booking.com and I thought I would share 5 of the hotels in Stockholm that I really would like to stay at and hopefully as this blogs lives on – I’ll eventually be able to give you hotel reviews of each! I’m also hoping to get your help on my future travels! To decide things like what restaurants to visit, what hotels to stay at and what adventure’s you’d like to see next – so follow along with @scandinavianabroad on instagram so you don’t miss it!

Downtown Camper

Downtown Camper is described as a “basecamp for urban explorers” and just like Haymarket (mentioned below) it’s a hotel that is owned by hotel chain Scandic. It has an outdoors theme with kayaks hanging in the ceiling and maps on the walls. It also has a spa called The Nest on the top floor, complete with an outdoor pool. The rooms look cosy and clean whilst the hotel in itself feels like a bit of an experience. Which is exactly what I want from a hotel stay. Definitely one of the hotels in Stockholm that are located centrally and also seems well designed. 
Double Rooms from £115 / 1290SEK

hotels in Stockholm

Haymarket by Scandic

This building dates back to the 1920’s so it seems obvious that Scandic chose to design the renovation in the same theme when they took over a few years ago.If you don’t want to stay the night you could also come just for the breakfast. Or grab a coffee at Greta’s. If cocktails are more your thing then check out the bar Americain. The building is located very centrally at Hötorget / Haymarket with walking distance to most things. Also it got awarded Best Hotel in Sweden 2020 at the Grand Travel Awards so surely that’s saying something!
Double Rooms from £115 / 1300SEK

hotels in Stockholm

Hotell Kungsträdgården / Hotel King’s Garden

This is actually a hotel I have stayed at, since my parents treated us to a stay a few years ago. But unfortunately this was before I kept my camera on my at all times. So I’d love to come back for another stay soon cause from memory the beds were very comfy and the breakfast was wonderful. It’s also in a brilliant location on a quiet street close to Kungsträdgården in central Stockholm. Ideal for a weekend away when you want to explore the surroundings. I can definitely recommend it for a breakfast if you want to sit in at one of the cosiest hotels in Stockholm.
Double Rooms from £115 / 1290SEK

Hotell Kungsträdgården


Located directly across from The Royal Dramatic Theatre you’ll find Berns – a boutique hotel in central Stockholm. They also has a renowned Asian restaurant. It has a bit of history to it as I believe it was the first place in Sweden to serve Chinese food in 1944. I’d definitely recommend booking a table as it seems very popular as well.And yeah, you might’ve already guessed it but this is another historic building from 1863 and the ‘main hall’ (don’t actually know if it has a proper name) looks like a stunning location for a dinner or even better – a breakfast! 
Double Rooms from £129 / 1470SEK

Berns Hotel in Stockholm

Grand Hotel

The hotel in Stockholm? One of the best locations in Stockholm and it’s been around hosting guests since 1874 (!). It’s definitely out of my current budget… But one day I’ll treat myself to a wee stay in these historic and beautiful rooms. Until then I’m also tempted to try a breakfast, spa or perhaps their afternoon tea which is also supposed to be really nice. I’m always so weak for historic buildings and I just want to go and explore it all. 
Double Rooms from £290 / 3290SEK

Grand Hotel in Stockholm

Hotell Skeppsbron

This hotell is located in Old Town and it looks so cosy! The rooms are underground and some have illustrations of Nordic fairytale illustrator John Bauer. Unfortunately there’s no breakfast on the hotel (my hotel breakfast heart is bursting!). But it’s also a great opportunity to check out all the wonderful cafes in Old Town. And perhaps try a new place every day to explore as many as possible? Some rooms have shared bathrooms but there’s also the option of rooms with private WC or bathroom. In a building from the 17th century in combination with a modern touch in these newly renovated rooms makes me intrigued to cosy up in the underground rooms.
Double Rooms from £90 / 995SEK

hotels in Stockholm

Photo from booking.com

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hotels in Stockholm


There’s so many wonderful hotels in Stockholm and I hope this has been a good inspiration to you! They are all so difference but still seem like interesting experiences.
Also, check out my guide 10 things to do in Stockholm on your first visit!

Have you already stayed at any of these hotels in Stockholm? Were they worth the visit?
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