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This is actually not my first time at House of Gods – if you fancy reading more about my first experience with them then read more here. This time around we were invited to try out the new HOG Soundsystem Comeback Tour which is running from September to November.

Staying at House of Gods is always such an indulgent and luxurious experience and I’d definitely recommend it if you fancy escaping to a world of wonder for the night!

The Classic Room

Last time we were here, we stayed in one of The Cabin rooms so it was lovely to get to experience The Classic this time around. The room design is inspired by Versailles and is slightly bigger than the Cabin rooms. I’d probably say it’s worth the upgrade to a Classic as the Cabins are very cosy and narrow and it’s nice to have the additional space – especially if you have one of the additional packages so there’s space for the cocktails, cookies and pizza. One thing that is good to know is that there’s no windows, however there’s a fake window which gives off a daylight-similar light but it still throws you off slightly and you definitely get that Casino-feel which adds to the experience.

The bathroom has a lovely marbled design and the shower has such a nice Art Deco look and great pressure. There’s also a hidden Nespresso machine behind the mirror and also a hidden tv inside another mirror.

Last time we stayed at House of Gods there were a few things that I would’ve changed for an even more enhanced experience and was really impressed by how these little things now seemed to have been improved and solved. Last time the room was really warm but this time around we lowered the room temperature and it stayed nice and controlled all throughout the stay, resulting in a lovely cool sleep.

HOG Soundsystem

The main event of our stay and reason we were here, was to try out the new HOG Soundsystem !

This is available as an additional upgrade for your room or can be swapped for the £50 bar tab included in the Treat me like I’m famous package I’ve written more about here below. It includes four cocktails themed along with four songs and a bartender knocks on your door to prepare them right outside before handing them over. The songs are of course played as the cocktails are being prepared. Our bartender did a great job and there were even a few elements of surprise in there that I won’t spoil for you. The flavours included passion fruit, rhubarb, almond, orange and ginger and they were all really lovely.

The experience started at 22.00 and our last cocktail arrived 00.15. It was a perfect gap between deliveries and it was nice to just stay in the room and wait for the next one whilst watching something on the tv – we finished the first season of The Sandman.

Treat me like I’m Famous

Treat me like I’m famous is an additional experience package that you can add to your booking and it includes things like chocolates, rose petals and balloons in the room upon arrival, room service Prosecco just a click of a button away, a £50 bar tab (can also be swapped for the HOG Soundsystem experience), bedtime milk & cookies, breakfast hamper (included in all direct bookings), Civerinos pizza and a late check out.

Adding this package to your booking definitely means you can have a thoroughly enjoyable night in the room, without having to worry about anything. After enjoying a welcoming glass of Prosecco we checked in and then headed out again to try some more cocktails in the in-house bar, more below. We had ordered food for 20.00 so when we got back we just stayed in enjoying a massive 20″ half and half pizza from Civerinos. Following the HOG Soundsystem that then followed we ordered our milk and cookies just before bedtime and then fell asleep feeling super content.

In the morning we had pre-ordered our breakfast hamper for 08.30 so it arrived just on time with our delicious Bross Bagels, date balls, tea & coffee and orange juice.

The whole experience certainly makes you feel like someone famous and the service and staff is absolutely excellent.

Lilith’s Lounge & House of Gods Cocktail Bar

I had not managed to visit the cocktail bar at House of Gods – and I actually hadn’t heard of their secret bar Lilith’s Lounge either. I won’t tell you where it is, but you can always ask the friendly staff in reception if you’re curious… If you like cocktails, and quirky ones in particular, don’t miss this.

In Lilith’s Lounge you have to draw a tarot card which reveals what your cocktail order will be – a Sweet Surrender with absinthe and lychee for me. In the cocktail bar in the main building there’s a cocktail menu disguised as a fashion magazine and I couldn’t resist ordering the House of Gods No 5 which definitely was serving Chanel vibes.

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