I made a pillbox hat!

pillbox hat

As soon as I saw Angela Claytons video on how she made her pillbox hat I knew I wanted to try it as well. I’ll probably try and make another one in the future at some point if I find a nice fabric or want one to match an outfit. It was a good process – not too difficult and it’s quite fun to say that I’ve managed to make a hat! The fabric may have been slightly too thin and the back is hiding a few imperfections but I’m happy with how it turned out.

Price & Quantity

White lining fabric (1m): £2.60/m

Outer Fabric (25x135cm)x2 £8

Padding 1/2m £3.99

Pellon Stabiliser (20×7.8inches) £3.65

1mm/18 gauge wire 10m £1.86

Embroidery thread, needles and hoops £9

White sturdy sewing thread £2

Total: £31.1
pillbox hat

The Process

To see how the hat is made I highly recommend checking out Angela Claytons YouTube tutorial, but these are the rough steps.

  1. I made a paper version to try out sizes so that it would suit my head.
  2. Cut out the pieces in pellon and line the wire along the edges, making sure to overlap at the end so it doesn’t have a weak point. Hand sew down the wire with sturdy thread.
  3. Line the wired pieces with your lining fabric and fasten with simple stitches around.
  4. Shape your hat and stitch down the head band, overlapping at the back and then attach the circle to the head band with stitches (make sure the nice side of your lining is facing inwards as that will be visible inside the hat.
  5. Cut out and prepare the padding and outer fabric. I used to much padding to start as I think my padding was a bit too thick so I ended up removing most of it later on but this is up to your personal preference.
  6. Line the hat and pin down the sides
  7. *optional* Embroider the outer fabric
  8. Fit the outer fabric to the hat and sew it down at the top and bottom.

Tadaa – a hat!


For more creative projects – click here!

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