Atopia Terrace at Harvey Nichols

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I went along to an event at Harvey Nichols Fourth Floor highlighting the non-alcoholic spirits brand Atopia which has been created by Lesley Gracie who is the Master Distiller at Hendricks.

I’m always so fascinated by no- and low-alcoholic options as I often find myself wanting something without alcohol, especially as I work with it so often. After this event I’m even more curious about Atopia three versions: Spiced Citrus, Hedgerow Berry and Rhubarb & Ginger as the cocktails were really lovely and I’d definitely consider getting one of them the next time I’m back. They are offering both non-alcoholic and alcoholic options where the Atopia spirits are mixed with Hendricks for additional flavour. The wonderful menu cards are also full of seeds and can be planted directly in to soil.

My favourite of the evening was The Squeegee Punk with Hendricks Gin, Atopia Spiced Citrus, lychee liqueur and peach puree which had a nice complexity of not too sweet, not too fruity but refreshing and elegant. I happily also sipped my Rhubarb & Ginger Mule without one single thought of it being non-alcoholic – that one just tasted like a lovely spicy classic mule with the additional summer hint of rhubarb. The other non-alcoholic option was a Spiced Citrus Sour which was also wonderfully lemon-y yet still fresh. We also got to try the Hedgerow Bramble with Hendricks Gin, Atopia Hedgerow Berry, Creme de Mure and lemon which I actually liked more than the last Brambles I’ve tried because it didn’t have the artificial sweetness that some tend to have.

The Fourth Floor Terrace is also such a lovely spot now in the summer, when you can sit outside and enjoy the wonderful view of St Andrews Square, the castle and all the nearby historic buildings. Their Afternoon Tea is still on my must-try list!

My favourite of the evening: The Squeegee Punk

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