En elegant frukost på The Ivy on the Square

The Ivy on the Square Edinburgh

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En elegant frukost på The Ivy on the Square, Edinburgh

A 1920’s setting, a house tea blend and alcoholfree mocktails for breakfast? Yes please! A recent cold November morning I decided to head to The Ivy on the Square, Edinburgh to see what they had to offer!

Bra att veta

Vart ligger det?
The Ivy Edinburgh is located on St Andrews Square, very centrally in town.
What are the opening hours?
Monday – Friday: 9.00am – 6.00pm
Saturday: 9.00am-6.00pm
Sundays & Bank Holidays: 9.00am-6:00pm
What food do they serve at The Ivy?
The Ivy has quite a few different option, between breakfast menus, a la carte and weekend brunch there seems to be something for all occasions.
How are the prices?
I would say that the prices are towards the upper end of the spectrum, not too expensive but definitely not the most affordable breakfast in town.
Teas & Coffees around £4
Full breakfast £13-14
Mains (a la carte) approximately £15
Also be aware that there’s a service fee added even though your group is smaller than 6 people.

The Ivy on the Square Edinburgh

The Venue of The Ivy on the Square, Edinburgh

Immediately when you step in to The Ivy you greeted with heavy forest green curtains that frame the entrance behind the reception. A very classy atmosphere, inspired by a 1920s Art Deco style which also have almost a relaxed French vibe.
The Ivy on the Square Edinburgh

The Menu at The Ivy on the Square, Edinburgh

We were well greeted by the staff who are very service minded and friendly. I always have such trouble trying to decide what to eat and drink, even though I did check out the menu online the evening before… but our waiter patiently got us tab water and allowed us as much time as we needed to make our decisions. The menu is stylishly designed and there’s plenty to choose from. Smoothies & juices. Toast, full breakfasts and various egg options. And healthy & light has its own section where you’ll find salmon, granola and avocado toast.
I decided to try the dairy-free coconut yoghurt with fruit, chia seeds and maple syrup (£5.95), alongside a pot of their afternoon tea blend (£3.95) and a virgin Bellini (£5.00).
The Ivy on the Square Edinburgh

The Breakfast

The first thing I absolutely loved about the breakfast was the beautiful tea ware in the form of the heavy silvery teapot alongside the smaller milk jug. As a vintage enthusiast, I always feel a buzz of excitement when I get close to things like these that almost instantly transport me to another era of elegance and indulgence. The porcelain cups and plates, branded with an ivy leaf made it feel very classic and historic in a way as well.
The tea itself had a classic afternoon tea flavour, with floral elements that made it very soft and enjoyable without overpowering the palate. There was also enough in the pot to pour several cups. My company went for coffee instead and there was a free refill included.
The Ivy on the Square Edinburgh
The portion of by coconut yoghurt was good. The only downside to it was that the fruit was a little bit hard and watery, and I would’ve preferred a more ripe flavour and softer texture. The coconut yoghurt was absolutely delicious and especially in combination with the sweet maple syrup.
The Ivy on the Square Edinburgh

A breakfast mocktail at The Ivy on the Square, Edinburgh

I love a good mocktail (alcohol free cocktail), but I’m quite picky. It can’t be too sweet and I don’t want it to only taste like juice either. This Virgin Bellini was made with peach puree, white grape soda and apricot soda and it was delicious. It felt as elegant as the alcohol inclusive version with a refreshing and fruity flavour without being too much.

The Ivy on the Square Edinburgh

The bathrooms at The Ivy on the Square, Edinburgh

I don’t know about you, but I do judge an establishment on the condition of their bathrooms. It might be a weird category to include in a review but these ones are definitely worth a mention. So fresh with a lovely design that goes with the rest of the restaurant. There was a fairly strong scent of floral perfume in the air, but I’d rather smell a floral scent that is slightly too strong, than any other aromas that might come about in a room like this.
The hand soap was also delightful with a wonderful citrus scent.
The Ivy on the Square Edinburgh

The Service

The service at The Ivy was one of the things that for me really stood out. We spoke to several members of staff and they were all very friendly and helpful.
At one point – which you can actually see on the photo above – I forgot my ring in the bathrooms. When I realised about three minutes later I went back up to find it, only to realise it was gone. Turns out they’d found it and left it behind reception so I got it back as soon as I asked if they’d found anything.
Another thing was that my company unfortunately got the wrong order as it seemed the staff has confused her ‘salmon & scrambled eggs’ with ‘salmon & rye bread’. As soon as we mentioned it they took it back and shortly thereafter we got the right order. So even though a mistake happened the service was definitely quick to fix it.
Lastly I also appreciate when it doesn’t feel like the staff is in a hurry to make you pay and leave as soon as you’ve finished you food. I am a quite slow eater and I also enjoy sipping my tea and enjoying my surroundings even after eating so I don’t appreciate being stressed out of my seat. I definitely felt like I could’ve sat here for hours without being asked to leave, which was great compared to my last brunch visit, where I felt the opposite.
The Ivy on the Square Edinburgh

Next time at The Ivy on the Square, Edinburgh

I definitely want to come back to The Ivy soon and perhaps try the Full Breakfast or a cocktail when alcohol restriction are lifted (due to COVID-19). The Lobster Linguini from the a la carte menu is also very tempting and to my surprise there was also a decent whisky collection behind the bar!
Have you been to The Ivy on the Square, Edinburgh? What did you think?
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The Ivy on the Square Edinburgh
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