The Launch Party of Lind & Lime Distillery

The last time I visited Lind & Lime they had their distillery on Tower Street in a small room which didn’t fit much more than what was needed to produce the Lind & Lime Gin, but now they’ve moved in to Coburg Street which is a vastly larger space which also houses a new shop where you can find Lowland whiskies, merch and of course all of their products.

If you’ve not come across the Lind & lime Gin I can definitely recommend trying it. It’s a London Dry styled gin made with juniper, fresh lime peel and pink peppercorns. It is made in and inspired by the area of Leith which is a historic distilling district in Edinburgh.

But they don’t just do one gin, but have Sherry, Port, Champagne, new make and they work with Electric Spirit Co who have their own gin. The new makes have been made as a prototype of the spirit-to-come from Port of Leith Distillery which will be another addition on the whisky scene amongst Edinburgh’s distilleries. Distilled at Glasgow Distillery and made with different yeats strains – a Belgian ale yeast and a Norwegian ale yeast – and they have different characters where the one with Belgian yeast offers more robust cereal notes with a touch of sweetness whilst the Norwegian yeast gives more fresh fruits and rounded edges. I also really enjoyed the Champagne and already like the sherry and the port as well. Both the sherry and port from Lind & Lime would be lovely on a summers evening served chilled along with various tapas!

Definitely a company to keep an eye on if you are interested in a wide portfolio of various drinks from a passionate and friendly team.

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