The Mash Up Festival 2022

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You may remember that I went along to a preview for The Mash Up Festival about two weeks ago and now it was finally time for the actual festival!

It’s so cool to experience a festival right inside a distillery, just a few meters away from the stills, wash backs and distillery team as it’s not something you see that often. Holyrood Distillery was a great setting for this mix of brands showcasing their products and there was even pizza outside for those wanting something to eat as well. Here below I’ve listed some of the favourite drinks that I managed to try and I certainly hope the festival will be back next year again!

Holyrood Distillery Strong Waters

I’ve spoken about these before in the preview post and I really quite like these two expressions – and in a serve with Fever Tree White Grape & Apricot Soda they’re absolutely brilliant.

Cold Town Beer Raspberry Miami Weisse and Mango On Yersel’

The Raspberry Miami Weisse from Cold Town Beer has a nice sour freshness with the raspberry note but if you would rather drink a beer with more classic hops and a touch of fruitiness then the Mango On Yersel’ offer this. It’s still very refreshing and the mango goes really well with the slightly bitterness of the hops.

Barney’s Sherbet Sour Pale

Since I’m a fan of sour beer I always love trying new ones and this Sherbet Sour Pale had a nice level of sour balanced with fruity and sweet in a really refreshing way.

Otherworld Brewing Smoked Scottish Lager

Scotland meets Germany in this mix of brewing traditions where Caol Ila whisky casks have been used for a touch of smoke in the beer. Really well balanced and super easy. The brand also feature some lovely retro tattoo-looking art on the cans and taps which I love to admire.

Wemyss Malts Peat Chimney

The Peat Chimney is one of my favourites from Wemyss. It just has such a nice balance between smoke and fruits with still a fairly rich body. Don’t miss this one!


Every time I try Raasay it makes me want to visit the island so bad. It looks like such an amazing setting and the team that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so far have been so friendly and passionate about their whisky. They also have such an amazing bottle design taken from prints of the rocks on the island. I have an upcoming event featuring their gin so really looking forwards to learning more about this as well. Stay tunes for more on the later this summer!

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