Content Creator. Quirky Adventurer. Whisky Enthusiast. Sophisticated Swede. Vintage Soul. 

Who am I?

Well, my story starts a cold winters evening when I was born in Dalarna, Sweden. 

I grew up in Eskilstuna but quickly realised I had a longing to for something beyond Swedens 16th largest city. 

As soon as I could I started commuting to Stockholm to go to school and after graduation I moved abroad. 

First I ended up in the Austrian Alps, working as a travel guide who was responsible for bus trips from Sweden, via Germany and the Czech Republic, to end up down in Bad Gastein, Austria. The following winter I continued with the same company but this time in Verbier, Switzerland. This is where I absolutely fell I love with snow and skiing. 

After the Alps I heard London calling and spent the summer as a live in nanny for three boys in Richmond, before deciding to stay for three long years in Edinburgh to complete my training to be a professional dancer. And the summers I spent back in Sweden, entertaining at a zoo dressed like a tiger, a monkey or a lion. 

Now I’m doing my best to grow my creative content so that I one day can work full time with being my own boss. 

Through Swedish Whisky Girl I want to offer a friendly and welcoming approach to those curious abut this fascinating spirits and its flavour. 

And through Scandinavian Abroad I want to share my experiences, near and far, which hopefully can inspire you to find joy and adventure in the little things as well. All with a wee vintage twist. 


I’m always keen for an adventure and can’t wait to see where my feet will take me next!

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