Deanston and Tobermory Tasting at Tipsy Midgie

If you like whisky and haven’t been to Tipsy Midge yet then I would definitely recommend going! Colin has a great selection of some really interesting whiskies and offers flights, tasting events and even baked treats so there’s something to suit everyone.

I went along for a Distell Tasting which featured whiskies from Tobermory and Deanston and also tried a few extra drams from the bar. I’d highly recommend trying the Glendronach Sauternes which was a beautiful whisky which still had the Glendronach character but in a different way as it didn’t have the rich sherry influence, but the Sauternes character instead.

The Tasting

The tasting was great and the Virgin Oak just tasted more and more like a bourbon the more I tried it during the night. I always keep a little of each whisky so that I can go back and compare and that one just kept getting stronger in its character. The Organic PX was a bit weird as I don’t get almost any sherry influence but rather wet malt, forest earthiness and maple syrup. I’d probably say I’d prefer the Virgin Oak out of the two Deanstons but it was fascinating to try both of them, especially in comparison to each other.

The Tobermory whiskies were definitely bursting with flavour. The 17 had a sweet floral, salty tropical and nutty oloroso character which I very much enjoyed and thought would be hard to beat. But then the Madeira was even more tropical but with toasted wood, sweet cinnamon and baked fruits and became one of my favourites from the tasting. My second favourite was the Ledaig 18 which just has such a dark and robust character which is still so elegant and complex. It had tones of fresh forest, pine, cherries, salty berries, tomatoes and a new car scent but almost tricked my brain in to thinking it was a red wine influence with the berry notes, rather than the sherry maturation it actually has.

Tasting Line Up

Deanston Virgin Oak

Deanston Organic PX 2002

Tobermory 17 year old Oloroso

Tobermory Madeira Cask

Ledaig 18 year old

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