Liquid Sunshine Morning Shots

morning shots

On my recent visit to Sweden I had the pleasure of having breakfast with my friends who introduced me to this delicious recipe for a morning shot with fresh ginger, lemon and honey!

1.5 litres of water 

300g ginger 

1dl honey 

3 lemons

Peel the fresh ginger and cut into cubes. Let simmer (do not boil) in the water for 25min. Let cool and sieve away the ginger pieces (can still be used in a nice stir-fry or soup!). Mix in the juice from the lemons and the honey. Can then be stored in clean glass bottles in the fridge up to two weeks.

Enjoy a little shot each morning with breakfast. I like sipping mine because the flavour is so lovely!

Adjust the recipe to taste if you prefer more of a ginger kick or add another lemon for example.

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