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When Cask Spirit Company reached out to ask if I wanted to try out one of their small casks for home maturation I really could not say no. What a cool thing to have your own wee cask at home? I thought it could be fun to do a little blog about the journey of this cask so here below you’ll find little diary entries and then eventually also a full review of my cask experience.

Update 23rd September 2023

My cask just arrived this week and look how cute it is?

This is one of their sample casks which holds 4.55 litres, but I do not believe that this size is currently available on their website, but instead they offer 18 litre casks. It has my chosen name (Swedish Whisky Girl, of course) on the front as well as the spirit it has been filled with (peated Islay whisky from Finlaggan) and what type of wood (ex-bordeaux French oak) and the finish (PX finished). What I really like about Cask Spirit Company is that they arrange for the cask to be both seasoned and filled with the spirit of your choice so once it arrives you can either enjoy straight away or leave it do let maturation do its magic. I also got some beeswax included in case there would be any leaks in the wood. I definitely think a little cask like this could be a brilliant gift for either yourself or a friend who is a whisky enthusiast. It becomes an experience to turn the tap and pour yourself a dram and the cask itself is also decorative and I love how it looks by my little home bar. I’ve already bottled a little sample bottle of what the liquid was like when it had just arrive and will continue to get little samples to follow along in the journey.

Update 25th October 2023

Tapped another sample today, but will wait to do a flavour comparison until I have another sample to compare with in perhaps another month as I want the sample bottles to remain as full as possible to limit the oxidation in such small quantities. Colour seems fairly similar, but possibly half a shade darker.

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