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I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Sandgrens Clogs so thought I’d show you my clogs wardrobe and give a little review of them! I’ll also continuously add to this list if any new pairs make it to my door.

Victoria (in colour Sand)

My first ever clogs from Sandgrens was the Victorias in the colour Sand. They’re such lovely everyday clogs to wear with pretty much any outfit. Dresses, jeans, knitwear – you name it! They are also available in a variety of colours with either light or dark bases.

The base is European Lime Wood and the leather is Nubuck. The have a narrower fit, due to the design of the wooden sole, but they work well for me who have slightly wider feet. I’ve sized up from EU 35 to EU 36 in all the clogs I own so far.

Morocco (in colour Red)

It’s no secret that I love the colour red. These sandals also remind me of 1940’s sandal style shoes with the criss-cross design and I thought they were so cute! I love wearing these in summer with a flowy dress and big sunglasses.

The base is European Lime Wood and the leather is Nubuck.

This shoe has a narrow fit, so might not be the best suited to wider feet.

Rio Grande High (in colour Sand)

My pretty wedding shoes! Since I am from Sweden I wanted Swedish details throughout my wedding and thought it would be so cute to wear clogs. I am so happy I picked the Rio’s as they were so pretty and SO comfortable. I only swapped to slippers for the last hour of dancing, when my feet were knackered after HOURS of standing/walking/dancing and they even made it through our Scottish ceilidh!

The base is European Lime Wood and the leather is Nubuck. The Rio’s have a narrow fit but work perfectly on my slightly wider feet anyways, however I have sized up one size to EU 36.

Monroe Clogs (in colour Black)

The Monroe clogs is the perfect ‘little black shoe’ for any occasion. I love the design with the intertwining detail at the front and they are just high enough to give an elegant look, but not so high that they are difficult to walk in (although I’d still note that some of the Edinburgh cobbled streets are not kind to any kinds of shoes…). I can’t wait for the weather to just get a little bit warmer so these can be some of my go-to’s!

This clog was released as the first ever collaboration with Sandgrens Clogs Brand Ambassador Amy, aka @myrustichouse. The base is European Lime Wood and the leather is Nubuck.

This shoe has a narrow fit, so might not be the best suited to wider feet.

Brussels Clogs (in colour Red)

The Brussels clogs are the kind of clogs I grew up with in Sweden with its open back and rounded toe. They’re great for just slipping into no matter if it’s to wear around the office, sewing studio (like me), around the summer cottage or on a walk with your dog. I love the braided detail on the clog, which is so cute!

The wood is European Lime Wood, leather is nubuck and it has a regular fit.

Photos in this blog post are by myself, Meadow Stories Photo & Regenweibchen Photography

On my clog/sandal wish list:

Saragasso Clogs (Milan ones are also so cute) – in either red or fudge – to complement my neutral and light Victorias.

Brett Clogs (in red) just look so classic and I love a pop of colour so think these would be stunning to complement an all red outfit, or contrast neutral colours.

I know they don’t exist yet but would LOVE Monroe or Rio Grande High in a red colourway! A girl can dream, right?

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