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Son de Flor had been popping up on my feed for ages, showcasing these beautiful linen garments in a variety of ways so when I saw they were open to collaborating with people I of course reached out straight away. In the summer of 2022 my first Son de Flor dress arrived in the mail and it has been worn a lot ever since. It was the red classic dress which has been with me for trips to Lithuania, Sweden and around Scotland and I’m sure we’ll have many more adventures together. I really love how the Son de Flor community is such a lovely space on Instagram as well. Full of women who inspire and support each other and they have a relaxed and calm presence on social media, which is a well-needed energy in an environment that can be full of stress, prestige and false pretense. When it comes to Son de Flor sizing I’d recommend comparing your measurements on the sizing charts on the website, and bear in mind that they can differ between garments.

Below you’ll find more of a review of each of the dresses I’ve tried and some photos of them. As I take more shots I’ll update this post with more as well!

Red Classic Dress with short sleeves

Can you tell I love wearing red?

The Classic dress has a lovely full skirt, Peter Pan collar, size zipper and buttons in the front.

I wear a size XXL as that’s what suited my bust measurement the best. Nothing worse than gaping buttons, so I’d rather choose a larger size and be safe. It does mean that the waist is slightly larger than needed, but I still think it has a lovely shape – and I mean there’s always belts – so that actually bothers me less that I thought it might. The larger size also means I can comfortable move my arms, as I’ve noticed that if I size down arm movement become more restricted.

In the winter I like to wear my knitted Wrap Me Up Cardigan with this dress as the white and red looks so lovely together.

Some photos below are by Karo Regenweibchen – I’d highly recommend her if you’re looking for a photographer in Edinburgh.

Black Pinafore Dress

Who doesn’t like a pinafore dress with a full skirt?

The best thing about a pinafore is that you can wear it on its own but also have so many styling options with tops you can wear underneath or on top. Apparently I like wearing this dress with a grey long sleeves top, as it’s in all the photos I can find from the past few months. I’m wearing an XL which has a nice snugger fit over the bust and is perfect in the waist.

You can see the swirl-ability in the reel below as well!

Black Classic Dress with long sleeves

I do like a long sleeve and I feel like this is the perfect witchy meets cottage core dress to wear year round and can easily be styled with stays as well.

This dress is just like the red classic dress above, but with longer sleeves instead of short. Quite self-explanatory in its name.

In this dress I’m wearing an XL which works just fine with the buttons of the bust and is slightly more narrow in the waist, but it’s also a tad more restricting in arm movement over the shoulders.

Teal Blue/Seafoam Green Ophelia Dress (Button Front Dress 3/4 Sleeve)

This is my teal year – I can feel it! As it get a bit warmer I can’t wait to wear this dress more around Edinburgh as the colour contrast of gothic and moody Edinburgh and a splash of seafoam looks quite lovely. I also adore this design with a small ruffle along the V neckline and the buttons all the way down the front so you can also wear it open over a swimsuit or similar. I’m wearing an XL in the photos but I’d say it’s slightly too small over the shoulders – movement wise – and it has a slight gaping between the second and third button across the bust. An XXL would probably be better.

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