Butterick 2472 Vintage Sewing Pattern

Butterick 2472

It makes me so happy when I find a vintage pattern for a good price AND also for my measurements!

This is my first time ever sewing something from a vintage pattern. Or even any sewing pattern at all – but definitely not my last. Shirt dresses feel so timeless and like they suit any occasion so I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up making a few more! I might try the No 8 Svaneke pattern from How to do Fashion next time though and compare it do this one.

Considering it was my first try, without toile, I’m quite happy with the result. And believe it or not – I’m also quite happy with the mistakes I made because it gave me a chance to learn from it. The pattern didn’t have a collar piece so I had to try and self-draft it and then I placed the button wrong for some reason. I have this thing where I need to see all the pieces and how they fit together in my head before making it, and if it doesn’t add upp – my brain doesn’t want to work properly… If you want to see more of the process – I’ve included a bit more in the YouTube video that you can find below!


Polycotton Fabric £15.60

Thread £2.00

Buttons: £2.00

Zipper £1.60

Vintage Pattern £9.00

Total: £30.20

The making of my Butterick 2472 Dress

The pattern instruction was a tad tricky to understand, but it might just be because I’m not used to it yet. The absolute trickiest thing was the collar. Simply because I’ve never made one before and I also had to try and self-draft one from another of my dresses. But hopefully my next collar will turn out better – upwards and onwards!

It was also my first time making button holes by machine. A bit intimidating at first, but then easier than I could’ve guessed. I might put together a wee YouTube guide for anyone learning to sew button holes. In case it could be helpful.

If anyone reading this is thinking about making a dress themselves I’d absolutely say just go for it! Most patterns I’ve come across has instructions and will tell you what you need for it (length of zipper, how many buttons etc) as well as recommended fabrics. If I can help with any questions – please just put them in the comments!


And she’s finished! Except that I want to change the collar slightly so it doesn’t fold… But pretty much finished!

Now I kind of want a shirt dress in all possible colours and patterns. It feels like they are so versatile and suits every occasion!

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