CùBòcan Creation #5 & CùBòcan 12 Year Old

ANNONS CùBòcan Whisky // All thoughts and opinions are, of course, my own. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with CùBòcan Whisky for quite a few of their recent releases, which has been so much fun. From a Halloween inspired cocktail with the CùBòcan Creation #2 to the new Twelve Year Old that was released last week. Here below I’ve written more about my thoughts and tasting notes for these two whiskies (spoiler alert the recent Creation #5 might be my favourite of the range so far) and included some photos I’ve taken of both bottles.

Cù Bòcan 12 Year Old – Batch #1

The 12 year old Cù Bòcan is bottled at 46%, non chill filtered and features a natural colour. It’s been finished in Caribbean rum casks and retails at £65.00.

On the nose this whisky does feel quite summer-y with a charred pineapple core, soft and woody cinnamon bark, fresh grass and something that reminds me of fruity beer hops. When I tried my first sip of the 12 year old it was in comparison with the Cù Bòcan Signature for a YouTube Video – which you can find here – and the 12 had less caramel tones but felt more tropical and grassy.

The palate was similar to the nose and had less of a prominent smoke than the Signature, but still noticeable. The smoke is less ashy than I found with the Signature and kicked in through the middle of the palate and lingered on the finish, but mixed in with the grassy tannins and pineapple. The pineapple was no longer the core of the flavour, but a nice addition to the edges. The whisky was really fresh, yet robust and I think this could be a lovely pairing to some charred pineapple and pork on the barbecue this summer!

After a couple of sips I also get more of a red grape fruitiness which I think is the base of the fresh notes.

If I was describing this whisky in two words it would be: tropical and grassy.

Check out my YouTube Review for the Cù Bòcan 12 Year old and a comparison with the Cù Bòcan Signature here below!

Cù Bòcan Creation #5

The Cù Bòcan Creation #5 has been finished in Colombian Andean Oak, which is quite a rare oak type in the whisky world. This is a non age statement, bottled at 46%, non chill filtered and features a natural colour just like the others in the range. This whisky retails at £60.00.

It has a lovely nose – and I could see myself with a dram of this in the shade this summer. There’s notes of summer straw, green apples, wine gums, pineapple, soft grass and blackberries. Every time I come back to the glass there seems to be new aromas to explore. 

The palate is a burst of sweetness on the first sip. It has a viscose texture with some oaky bitterness mixing with a floral bouquet and savoury herbs. There’s a lot going on and I added some water to just calm down the most explosive flavours. With the water I get more apple peels and apple sweets on the nose. The palate softens, but retains and viscosity and brings out more wine gums, balance and a lingering herbaceous character and the touch of oaky bitterness has calmed down. I really enjoyed the whisky, particularly with the addition of the water. And it feels like a nice summers day in the shade, where the wind has a gentle chill, enough to be refreshing. 

I would pair this whisky with a fruit & cheese board or even some nice barbecued chicken and pineapple skewers !

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Cù Bòcan 12 Year Old

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