Fuzzy Pixie Hood from Fabel Knitwear

fuzzy pixie hood

Disclaimer: I test-knitted this design for Fabel Knitwear so the pattern was provided without charge.

The fuzzy pixie hood came in to my life just in time to be finished for our trip to Sweden over Christmas where my ears would be exposed to around -12C each day so the timing was just perfect.

fuzzy pixie hood


Pattern: Fuzzy Pixie Hood by Fabel Knitwear £3.72

Yarn: Drops Baby Merino (natural white) & Drops Kid Silk (chalk) purchased from Knitted Home £6.90

Total cost of project: £10.62
fuzzy pixie hood


The instructions were good and the construction consists of knitting the top panel first as a long narrow rectangle and then picking up stitches around it for the sides. The ribbing around the face is added after casting off and the ties are crocheted. The instructions say to finger crochet but I had a crochet needle at home so I simply made two long ties and sewed them to the edges. There’s also the option to go for a button rather than ties.

The red dress from the photo is my 2021 Christmas Eve dress which you can read more about by clicking here.
fuzzy pixie hood


I love how it turned out and want to knit another one straight away. But what colour to choose?

It’s nice to be able to push it back when indoors and just pull it back up when heading outdoors again. The 1940’s inspired design really looks cute and since I’m not a beanie-person this is a great option to keep my head and ears warm. I might also try to knit it without the mohair next time and make it a not-so-fuzzy pixie hood just to see what it looks like .

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