Ignite your senses: cocktails with Real Infused Exotics

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I had never came across Re`al Infused Exotics before this event came up, but they are a brand that makes cocktail syrups with fruit infusions and purees. There’s so many different flavours from the original Coconut to pumpkin, guava, blueberry and blue agave and they are trusted by mixologists all over the world and particularly on the tiki & rum cocktail scene.

During the evening we got to try a variety of cocktails and my favourites were a Laki Kane House Punch which tasted like coconut foam (one of my favourite flavours) and a Pina Colada (and a really tasty one at that). They had also set up a ice cream station with Pan N Ice where they used the syrups to make some seriously tasty ice cream. I chose blueberry as it’s my go-to ice cream flavour and I could’ve had so many more if we’d had more time! The ice cream was one of the sensory experiences offered on the night and there was also music playing to give a tropical relaxed party vibe and a station where you tasted eatable mist by breathing it in through a straw. Overall a really fun evening and I absolutely love a tiki cocktail so was really glad to see such a focus on it.

Georgi Radev, who is a rum & tiki expert as well as the co-founder of tiki bar Laki Kane Bar and Pan-Asian Restaurant , was the host of the evening. I will definitely try and visit his bar next time I’m in London as it looks lovely and hosts events like a Tiki Brunch, Rum Tastings and the restaurant focuses on Thai cuisine. All good things in my book. We were also lucky enough to received a copy of Georgis book “Let’s Get Tropical” which features over 60 cocktail recipes. Will have to try some out this summer!

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