Making the Simplicity 8162 18th Century Stays

simplicity 8162

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I have always loved the look of 18th century stays so when I started my sewing journey earlier this year it was quickly one of the things that was at the very top of my thing-to-make list!


£17 Stoff & Stil 1m Cotton Fabric

£3 Polycotton 1m lining

£9 Simplicity x American Duchess 8162 Pattern

£9 40pairs Eyelets & Washers with application tool

£3.50 5m Satin Ribbon

£4.95 Double Bias Tape Ivory 5m

£2 Moons White Sewing Thread

simplicity 8162


The process was fairly straightforward and the whole process was easier than I had anticipated. It’s basically cut out the fabric pieces, sew the boning channels, attach the pieces to each other, do the boning, eyelets and double bias tape around the raw edges. It does of course take some time and my biggest issue was trying to do the eyelets with the tool that came with it. For the boning I used some cable ties but they were slightly too thin and the stays are very lightly boned. I still really like them and don’t mind them being without boning but I will definitely make some fully boned ones at some point to try that as well.

When I do another pair I’ll also buy smaller bias tape and try and make it more even. For future stays I’ll make sure to purchase an eyelet press as well.

I definitely want to make more of them and next time I’ll also try to adjust the pattern so that I can make one without the flaps. Now I want one in every colour and pattern!

simplicity 8162

Maybe next time I’ll do a whole Briar Rose costume and make stays as a part of it!

I have so many ideas with stays incorporated so I can’t wait to do another pair.

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