Marilyn Bombshell Dress – A9077 Review

Marilyn dress

When this lovely Marilyn Bombshell Dress pattern arrived I decided it would be the perfect match for my red gingham fabric!

I made the size 16 as it was the closest to my measurements, even though I think I probably could’ve made a 14 as I ended up taking it in quite a lot to fit nicer in the bodice. Initially I was worried my boobs wouldn’t fit in the shape but it ended up working just fine with size 16. I might end up shortening the bodice at some point, but for now I’m quite happy with how it turned out!

If you like vintage patterns, I can also recommend checking out The Vintage Sewing Pattern Company, where I got this pattern, as they have a few “curvy patterns” that they’ve redrafted to fit sizes – for example this Marilyn Bombshell Dress has sizes from bust 33-51 inches. There’s also the option of buying either a PDF pattern or a paper pattern. Finger’s crossed they’ll add even more lovely patterns in accessible sizes soon!


– Red Gingham Polycotton £14.40

– White Invisible Zipper £1.60

– White Sewing Thread £2.00

– Hook & Eye Fasteners (50 pairs) £2.15

Total: £20.15

The making of the Marilyn Bombshell Dress

Making this dress was pretty straightforward – cut out the pieces and follow the instructions to sew them together. During the process I was very worried the bust wouldn’t be big enough but it turned out fitting just fine. I made my own version of sealing in the raw edges around the bust that you can see on the photo below and made bias tape from leftover fabric to keep everything in the same red gingham – but it would be very easy to make it a contrast colour as well. Definitely a project that could be finished in a day if you have all the materials at home. I’m still hand sewing the zipper and the bias tape as I don’t feel comfortable with doing it on the machine – but strangely enough I find it quite a calming and nice process.

For next time I will make sure to trust the process, match the pattern better and adjust the bodice at the front so it fits all nice and snug – seems to be the biggest pattern adjustment I’m needing so far as my bust is bigger than the matching waist measurement in most patterns. Great to realise things like that in my sewing journey so I can be aware of it in the future. I might also do a contrast for the bust lining and straps. Will definitely consider making another one!

Marilyn dress


And here she is! My finished Marilyn Bombshell Dress !

Marilyn dress

Now the question is: what colours and fabrics should I use for my next Marilyn Bombshell Dress? Hmm?

When I posted my finished dress on Instagram the owners of The Vintage Pattern Company got it touch and asked if they could gift me a pdf pattern of the 1940’s two piece dress , as I had mentioned I really loved the look of it – so that will be an upcoming project!

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