The 2022 Edinburgh Whisky Fringe

It’s not hard to see why the famous Whisky Fringe is so popular when you step through the doors to Mansfield Traquair. Tickets sell out in minutes but you are lucky enough to get a hold of one, a brilliant whisky show in a stunning venue with plenty of variety of brands awaits.

The Whisky Fringe Venue

The Whisky Fringe is held at Mansfield Traquair, a former Catholic Apostolic Church which has been called “Edinburgh’s Sistine Chapel” It’s a beautiful venue which impresses with its grand neo-romanesque architecture and stunning murals. The whisky stands were both up in the main hall and there was a marquee set up downstairs where you found the newer distilleries and independent bottlers.

The Whiskies

There was such a nice variety of brands at the show and plenty of tasty whiskies on offer. The stand outs for me were a fruity and delicious 15 year old Balmenach from Thompson Bros, the Manzanilla Finish from Lakes Whisky which had such a tasty balance between the cask influence with its savoury and almost saline character and the spirit itself and I also enjoyed trying the Torabhaig which has a great fruitiness underneath the smoke and lastly the sherried and super easy to like Old Perth 12. Something that also was so appreciated in the heat was the refreshing Spearhead whisky cocktail which was made with ginger beer, peach, bitters, lemon juice and mint. So good!

Half-Time Oranges

The Whisky Fringe also does half time oranges where the attendees get a token which they can spend on one of these and on the Friday is was the following whiskies.

Which one would you have gone for?

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