The PetiteKnit Marseille Sweater

Finally I can show you my latest finished knitting project!

The Marseille Sweater from PetiteKnit was one of those patterns I found by the posts I have saved on Instagram. When looking for knitting inspiration I found that I’d saved multiple posts using the save pattern so decided to give it a go myself. I’ve written more about the process further down, but let’s just say I had a bit of a disaster with blocking. As a result, I thought this would be a garment that I wouldn’t be able to wear at all, but thanks to the Instagram community managed to save it and get a lovely fit.

Overall it was an enjoyable projects that went fairly quickly, because of the yarn size. I love wearing it over a black dress like in the photos.


£40.30 (10 balls of Drops Extra Fine Merino main colour + 3 for stripes. I used Off-White and Brown). This might be slightly incorrect as I think I lost a ball of yarn which has yet to show up again which made me a bit confused in calculating how much I used.

PetiteKnit Marseille Sweater can be found here in various languages for 45DKK.

Total: approximately £45.50

Process & Pattern Review

I was a bit worried as I tend to prefer tighter fitting garments and the Marseille Sweater, like many other patterns, is designed to be a bit more oversized. When choosing sizing, I decided to do a M, which was smaller than the recommended size based on my bust, but I could’ve probably sized down a few steps further and still like the result. I also opted for a cropped length as it suits me better so decided on three stripes on the body and sleeves.

The Marseille Sweater is knitted from the neckline back and forth with short rows in the back before joining together underneath the arms. I’d probably say I’m much more of a raglan knitter as I like knitting that construction better, however I do like the dropped shoulder look better than I thought I would.

I did make a little error when knitting the sleeves, as I forgot to do the decreases throughout so there’s only one or two decreases down towards the ribbed end of the sleeve. But I still think it looks quite nice.

The knitting instructions were good and there’s also accompanying videos on the website. They are in danish but with English subtitles. I’d probably not recommend this to a beginner as there’s some technical aspects like short rows, a particular cast on etc – but with that said I’m a strong believer in doing projects that inspire you and there’s plenty of help to get on YouTube so there’s no reason you can’t learn as you go.

My blocking disaster!

As I’d finished the sweater I decided to be a good knitter and block the project before wearing it and taking photos. Somehow I must’ve stretched it too much and I was unaware that the yarn – which is super wash – can stretch quite a lot so I ended up with a small dress of a sweater and something I just wouldn’t wear in the shape it was it. But thankfully I asked the lovely Instagram Community for help and got the advice to tumble dry the jumper. So I brought it to Sweden and borrowed my mums tumble drier and put the sweater in. I didn’t wet it again as the IG Community said to put it in dry and also used the heated setting (nothing too hot) but in two sections of 20 minutes. And MAGIC it now looked wearable and so lovely!

It’s still an oversized sweater, and I’ve realised I prefer tighter fitting garments. But I will definitely wear this as I think it turned out really cute. I was expecting to want to use a belt, but think it actually looks better without.

What do you think?

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