The Rowena Jumper by Fabel Knitwear

rowena jumper fabel knitwear

Since I started knitting last year I’ve had my eyes on the Rowena Jumper by Fabel Knitwear. I finally decided to focus on finishing it this February!

And boy am I glad that I did: this design is so cute. I was feeling slightly uncertain about the fit with the puff sleeves the first day after finishing it, but now I love that detail.

It was a fairly straightforward knit with a ribbed bodice and stockinette sleeves. I changed the sleeves to have a shorter ribbed end, but might have ended up making it a bit too short so I’ll probably make this longer next time. I also ended up knitting size L, after thinking I’ve done the Diagonalley in a size to small, but I think a M would actually be better as long as I keep an eye on the length of the bodice. This Rowena Jumper ended up a tiny bit longer than I had preferred but I don’t mind too much as I can always tuck it in to skirts or dresses. The Drops Cotton Merino was also a great choice for this pattern – lovely to work with and it looks so sophisticated in a different way to if it had only been merino.

Next time I think I’ll knit one in brown!

✦ pattern: Rowena Jumper by Fabel Knitwear

✦ yarn: Drops Cotton Merino in the colour Powder purchased from Knitted Home

✦ price: 7 x 50g = £23.80

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