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One of the perks of working with creative content and spirits are being able to try the press samples that frequently make their way in to my mailbox and I know a lot of people are quite curious about this so I thought I would show you what has arrived in my house recently.

Whisky Mail

Glengoyne The Offline Edition: Glengoyne Legacy Chapter Three

The Glengoyne Offline Edition arrives in a box where you can make yourself and your company store your phones so that they are ‘offline’ whilst you try the whisky and spend time together. I think it’s a nice statement to remind people that you don’t always have to be present online and that it can be important to spend time with our loves ones in the now. The box contains a Glengoyne Legacy Chapter Three which I haven’t had the opportunity to try yet, but I’m looking forwards to it. If my memory serves me right I really liked the first Legacy expression as it had a really rich flavour, whereas the second just lacked a little bit for me so it will be interesting to see what this one will bring with its American oak sherry cask maturation.

Fable Batch One Aged 7 Years

I haven’t tried much from Fable, who are an independent bottler of scotch whisky, before so I’m looking forwards to try this release which was sent to me by a friend who works with them. This one is the Fable Batch One which is their 7 year old blended malt.


This box got sent to me as a congratulations from Campari for me being shortlisted in the IWSC awards for Emerging Talent in Spirits Communications so I’ll be sure to toast to myself with a Wild Turkey Sour or an Aperol Spritz this summer.

Mackmyra Moment Virvelvind

I’m usually quite quick to try new Mackmyra’s when they are released, as Swedish whisky always have a special place in my heart (being Swedish myself), but this time I’ve just been so busy with work and life that I have not yet managed to have a sip. Although I’m looking forwards to it! From my understanding this is a lightly peated expression, inspired by the previous release Medvind, matured in a mix of Swedish oak, 1st fill bourbon and 2nd fill oloroso. Virvelvind means whirlwind in Swedish and the Mackmyra Moment series are the more exclusive limited releases, compared to the core range and the seasonal expressions.

Tullibardine The Murray Double Wood

Always when I think of Tullibardine I think of Tullibardine The Murray Marsala which was one of my go to drams when I worked at The Scotch Whisky Experience here in Edinburgh. This was a release several years ago and I haven’t actually tried that many of The Marquess series since then so this is one I’m looking forwards to trying soon. The Double Wood refers to being matured in 1st fill bourbon casks followed by a second maturation in 1st fill sherry casks and this particular release was distilled in 2005 and bottled in 2020, making the whisky around 15 years old. Included in my sample there were also some chocolate pralines hiding in the box which got me quite keen on a whisky & chocolate pairing!

Ardbeg Ardcore

This sample was supposed to arrive for Ardbeg Day during Feis Ile but my mail man had other plans and this box only arrived yesterday. Nonetheless I’m excited to try the festival release from Ardbeg which this year has a punk theme and has been described tasting like ‘biting on a spiky ball’. I’m intrigued.

The box also contained a t-shirt, an Ardbeg cocktail pouch, badges, a glass and a poster.

Whisky Pioneer – Morris Signature Australian Single Malt

This is not actually a press sample as I pay for my Whisky Pioneer subscription but thought I would include it as it did indeed arrive in my mailbox the other day, as it does every month. I have tried a few whisky sample subscription services lately and Whisky Pioneer is the one I’ve stayed with as there’s always such interesting whisky arriving each month. Most months I’ve received whisky I’ve never tried before, which is great because the reason I want a subscription is to discover new whiskies and be able to review these for you. A big reason I finished my previous subscriptions was that there were a lot of whiskies I had tried before or already had at home and more standard released. This is of course great however for those who might’ve not tried that many different ones before and want to explore more widely available options, but as I’m in the privileged position to have tried a lot of different releases I was looking for something different. You can check out the previous month’s samples here if you’re curious and they also use recycled and recyclable materials which is great to see. This month I received the Signature release from Australian whisky distillery Morris, which is based in Victoria and has been matured in fortified wine barrels. If I’m honest I don’t actually think I’ve heard about them before, since it’s hard to keep track on Australian whisky when it’s so hard to get a hold of here in the UK (unless you have a lot of money, which I unfortunately do not). Although this particular release actually isn’t that expensive and available at UK retailers, like The Whisky Exchange so always fun to find something that that! I will try it shortly – so let’s hope it’s a good one!

The Mossburn Cask Bill No 1 Smoke & Spice and Cask Bill No 2 Rich ( Island & Speyside Blended Malts)

This arrived freshly today and was a fun little mix of “a trip to Scotland” with a guide book, Scottish chocolate from Coco Chocolatier, oatcakes and of course – whisky. These new releases are to blended malts – one made with single malts from the islands and one with single malts from Speyside. Both these releases have been matured in 200 litre American Standard Barrels before a second maturation in their special hybrid casks. The island expression features a second maturation in 200 litre 1st fill ex-bourbon barrels which have been enhanced with heavily toasted European cask heads, whilst the Speyside release has had a second maturation in 1st fill 500 litre ex-sherry butts where the cask heads are heavily charred new American oak instead. Just reading about the hybrid casks make me curious to see what flavours they’ve managed to put together.

Glasgow Distillery Triple Distilled

Glasgow Distillery has recently “relaunched” their core range and changed from 50cl bottles to 70cl but kept the price the same, which I’m sure a lot of consumers agree is a smart choice. I received the Glasgow Distillery Triple Distilled which has been matured in a combination of new American oak and ex-bourbon casks and did a YT review of it – which you can find here if you’re curious to hear more – and I find it to be quite sweet and almost similar to grain whisky. Which suits me just fine considering I’m a grain whisky fangirl..

The Drinks Drop

The Drinks Drop is a cocktail delivery service and this particular box I received is part of their limited edition ‘The Drinks Pop’ which contains one Irish whiskey, one Scotch whisky and one American whiskey along with three cocktails (two pouches of each) made from each one the three making it a total of 3 x whiskies and 6 x cocktails. Each of the cocktails are designed by renowned cocktail bars in the UK and already mixed so you don’t have to do any blending at home, besides adding ice if you prefer it for the serve. This one contains Irish Coffee Martini with Sailor’s Home created by Dockleaf, Peach Julep with Woodford Reserve created by Panda & Sons and Spiced Old Fashioned with Monkey Shoulder created by Swift. A fun idea and some brilliant cocktails!

Ferg & Harris

Ferg & Harris is a luxury single cask, single malt brand and have released a 12 year old Speyside, a 12 year old Linkwood and a 32 year old Glenrothes. Firstly I just must say that a love their label – it’s so lovely! Secondly it’s some good spirit as well – I mean I would never say no to an old Glenrothes anyways – but the almost salty PX finished 12 year old Speyside as well as the sweet floral meets spicy Linkwood contain some interesting flavour as well!

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