Whispering Willows Collection from Fabel England

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I’ve been looking for an elegant and fairly neutral handbag for ages as I’ve relied on trusty tote bags for way too long, so I was so happy when Fabel England reached out and asked if I wanted to check out their latest collection called Whispering Willows as it featured the perfect handbag!

Fabel England has a cottagecore meets old money English countryside vibe, which I absolutely adore and the Whispering Willows collection is full of woodland prints with swans, swallows and hydrangeas in navy, greens and lighter blues. I’ve listed the three items I now have in my wardrobe, but also want to highlight the Eloise Bag Tan which is on my wish list.

Fabel England Whispering Willows Ivory Scarf

The Whispering Willows Ivory Scarf has a lovely print of birds, black swans and hedgehogs and the reason I picked it is so I can tie it to the handle of my Henrietta Tote Bag as an added detail. I think the colours go really well together as the scarf features ivory and lighter sage green.

Fabel England Henrietta Tote Bag

The Henrietta Toe Bag features a beautiful embroidery of swans and cygnets and has a lovely beige colour which goes with most things. The bag includes a shoulder strap can easily be attached or removed. The bag is big enough to hold any essentials like lipsticks, mirrors and even fits my camera so it’s the ideal companion for when I go walking around Edinburgh.

Fabel England Enamel Swallow Stud Earrings

I was so torn between the beautiful necklace featuring the enamel horse, but decided on these swallow earrings and have not regretting it as I’ve worn them everyday since they arrived. They’re just neutral enough to ear with anything, but add something extra to your look.

All together I think these are pieces that complement each other in such a delightful way and go really well together so they will get a lot of wear from me and I look forward to seeing what future collections from Fabel England will hold!

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