Wrap Me Up Cardigan

wrap me up cardigan plummum

When I saw this lovely design for the Wrap Me Up Cardigan on Instagram I immediately looked up Plummum and bought the pattern. It just looked so cosy and I love a design that features a wrap tie.

This will definitely be one of those patterns that I’ll make more than just one of. And I’m also thinking it might look great in a bouclé yarn.


£25.6 (8 balls of Drops Wish)

Wrap Me Up Cardigan pattern is available here from Plummum in English for 50:- DKK.

Total: £31.50

Process & Pattern Review

I actually ended up buying the wrong yarn, which I didn’t realise until half way through the knitting. I meant to buy Drops Air – but for some reason confused it with Drops Wish. I’ll blame the heat – can’t think properly in summertime. The yarn resulted in the Wrap Me Up Cardigan being super cosy and really warm so I’m not complaining. I think I’ll definitely try the Drops Air version at some point for a more air-y and light result. The Drops Wish so far has resulted in a little bit of shedding but I’m going to try and gently wash it to see if that might help.

I knitted the Large size which ended up working perfectly well. I might size up next time or experiment with another yarn to see how it would fit if it was slightly larger for slightly more coverage over the bust – but this might just be because I used another yarn than what was recommended.

The construction of the Wrap me Up cardigan is that you knit the top of the neckline first to extend on either size and increase continuously to make the wrap around effect happen. For some reason I kept messing up and misunderstanding the first part of the instructions which resulted in a bit of unraveling and redoing. One of the things that I still haven’t figured out is how to pick up the temporary stitches you make at the very start of the knit and continue knitting without twisting them. If you know, please let me know in the comments below!

Overall I really enjoyed knitting this Wrap me Up Cardigan and it’s already been used a fair few times!

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