An afternoon with Young Spirits and Ferg & Harris

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I got the opportunity to head out to Sighthill, on the outskirts of Edinburgh, to learn more about Young Spirits. The company only started a few years ago and are already expanding. Their portfolio includes things like a bottling hall, labelling plant and being an independent bottler of whisky and rum under brand Uhuru and Ferg & Harris.


Uhuru means freedom in Swahili and this brand started following a trip to Africa where John, one of the co-founders of Young Spirit, fell in love with African elephants and started this passion project involving donating 10% of net sales to their charity partner Tusk. There’s currently a Venezuelan rum and a 10 year old blended malt scotch whisky in the range. We got to try the rum, which had a lovely balance of sweetness and wood flavour, making it great for cocktails, neat or just with tonic.

Ferg & Harris

Ferg & Harris is a luxury single malt brand which is planning on two new releases every two months. First up was a 12 year old Linkwood and a 32 year old Glenrothes, which I got to try earlier this year. You can see my post and initial thought here below.

During our visit I got the chance to try some cask samples of the upcoming whiskies and was really impressed by the quality of spirits they have in store. I don’t want to spoil these releases too much but any Old Pulteney, Ledaig and Springbank fans might want to keep an eye out…

The labels are also really beautiful so they’ve done a great job with the branding.

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