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I had no idea what to expect when I met up with my friend on Forest Road outside of the new venue for Ballie Ballerson here in Edinburgh. All I knew was that there was a ballpit and cocktails involved and the invitation said “Wanna go balls deep?“.

Inside we were greeted by neon colours, a big open space lined with a bar on one side, a slide and music that made you want to dance.

We tried our way through some different cocktails – and they were all really nice, if just a tad boozy – and even treated ourselves to some shots. The menu is available through QR codes on the bar and there’s a variety of classic cocktails like Pornstar Martinis, Espresso Martinis and Mojitos as well as candy themed ones. And there’s pizza. I’d definitely recommend the Capri-Sunha which does taste quite like a Capri-Sun and is served in blinking ziplock bags (that you can see in the photos below) and the Truffle Like It’s Hot pizza which was a lovely cheesy creation! I’ve never had honey on pizza before but it made it even better.

We of course also HAD to try out the ballpit. For obvious reasons you can’t bring any drinks in to the ballpit and there’s a table just outside where you can put them. And the ballpit is SO MUCH FUN. The balls almost go up your hips and it’s quite a workout navigating your way through and it’s tricky to get up when you start sinking down. The room is also lined with mirrors all around you and in the ceiling as well so the perfect place for a photo or fun video with your friends as well! And when you’re done in the ballpit there’s a slide outside that takes you down to the bar area again – because who wants to take the stairs?

I have not been out in ages and I’m usually more of a conversation + casual drinks kind of person but I really had such a fun time and would definitely consider coming back with friends.

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