Butterick x Gertie 6590 Dress

butterick 6590

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When I started working on this Butterick 6590 dress I was surprised by how fast it all came together. Just a few hours and it was nearly finished (if my zipper had arrived it would’ve been completed straight away). I did however have a few fitting issues but think it worked out alright in the end. I also used a lovely summery seersucker fabric that gave me riviera vibes !


White Thread: £1.00

Seersucker Fabric: £19.95 (5m)

White Buttons: £2.00

White Zipper: £1.60

Total: £24.55
butterick 6590


It was a pretty straightforwards process of putting all the pieces together. This was my first time working with a bodice piece which also included the sleeves, which I feel gave a very relaxed look instead of a more marked shoulder or even puffy. Since this was one of my first dress projects I didn’t bother with pattern matching, not because I didn’t know how to do it but mostly because I wanted to see how it turned out if I didn’t do it. I personally don’t mind the result at all, considering it’s a very casual summer dress, and it’s another experience that I can put in to my mind so that I know how it looks when the pattern doesn’t match. I also really like this look of vertical stripes along the skirt and horizontal stripes on the bodice. Especially because the sleeves are included in the same fabric piece.

The only issues I had was the fitting. I think I could’ve made maybe one or even three sizes smaller as I had to take it in quite a lot when attaching the zipper. The details above the bust I also had to make almost half as small because it was huge and left a big gap. Since I’m a beginner at sewing I’m not sure if it’s my measurements that just doesn’t suit the pattern or if the pattern has big sizing for everyone. I have heard of another more experienced sewist who also had issues with the sizing so if you are trying out this pattern, just be aware of that. I’d definitely recommend this pattern if you are a beginner like me however, because it is very straightforwards and a quick make.

butterick 6590

If you want to watch the dress in action, you can watch my YouTube vlog here below!

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* If you use these links to buy something we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Thank you for supporting this blog.