Chunky Jellybean Vest

It might seem a bit crazy to start knitting a vest in 100% wool in the middle of summer – but that’s exactly what I did. If you had told me that I’d be knitting a vest (and have two more coming) a year ago I would’ve given you a very strange look. They were just not my thing – good thing we can all change!

It’s still a tad to warm here in Edinburgh to start wearing it, but you can definitely feel autumn come creeping in the mornings so I really can’t wait to wear this when it’s getting colder.


£10 (8 balls of Drops Alaska)

The Chunky Jellybean Vest pattern is available here in English or Norwegian for 30:- NOK.

Total: £12.50

Process & Pattern Review

This was a fairly quick knit – both due to the lack of sleeves, as well as it being knit in a thicker yarn. The Drops Alaska yarn is W A R M so if you need a vest for winter – this will definitely help keep you snug. The yarn itself has a slightly rough texture and I was a bit cared it would feel a bit uncomfortable and that I’d have to wear it over other garments as a protective layer for my skin – but now that I’m able to wear it it’s actually not that bad.

I altered the pattern slightly to suit me, and made it more of a cropped length so it ends up at my natural waist. Because of this I ended up only using 7 balls of yarn so now I need to figure out what I can make with 50g of Drops Alaska… hmm.

I really liked this pattern and am already planning another one. If I remember correctly I knitted the M size to make sure it would suit my bust and I’ll also have to admit that I trusted the pattern and did not check my gauge beforehand – I’m sure this will come back to haunt me one day and that day I’ll learn that lesson.

Next time I knit this pattern I might make the sleeve border slightly more narrow to see what it looks like and I will definitely try to make one in Drops Paris which is the other recommended yarn for this pattern.

I hope you like how it turned out. I’m so happy with it and have already started experimenting with how I’ll be wearing it in the coming months.

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