Afternoon Tea at Cup Tearooms

cup tearooms

I couldn’t resist booking an afternoon tea on our recent staycation to Glasgow and Cup Tearooms were at the top of list to try. We chose to book the Tea Lounge as it looked cosier and when we stepped in I was so happy that we did because inside we found these beautiful room with old tiling and high ceilings.

The afternoon tea was priced at £18/pp and they offer both vegan, vegetarian and gluten free menus as well. Cody’s dad is celiac and he was pleasantly surprised by the gluten free afternoon tea that he had.

Since there was four of us the food was split between different stands, with one sandwich/scone/cake of each sort for each person.

Even though there was other guests in the venue it never felt too noisy or crowded which was lovely to see. On my recent visit to Mimi’s Bakery in Edinburgh this was a bit of a problem but the atmosphere here was just great.

The Menu


This was the tier that surprised me the most. Usually the sandwiches aren’t my favourite and since I’m not the biggest fan of mustard or mayonnaise I usually look forwards to the scones more. But these sandwiches were lovely. The bread was fresh and the flavours were all there without being overpowering. Even though there were both mustard and mayonnaise in some of them I thoroughly enjoyed them all. The quiche was the least impressive as it had quite a neutral flavour where it was basically all egg.


Who doesn’t like warm scones? I feel like there’s something special about eating warm bread so I was very happy to see the scones served warm with classic clotted cream and jam. I’m team clotted cream first, but we did – as always – have the discussion of what is supposed to go first.

The only thing I would note is that it didn’t seem like enough jam for three people to share two small jars for 6 scones, but the staff was so friendly that I don’t think it would’ve been an issue to ask for another one.


One of the things I usually in the UK is that the sweet things are a bit over-the-top sweet for my personal enjoyment. But this tier ticked all the boxes. Not too sweet, good flavours and it still felt fresh. The lime posset was maybe on the edge of it, but I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed both the cupcake, the cake, the tart and the macaron. I’m also super picky when it comes to macarons because they’re probably my favourite sweet treat ever and the pistachio macaron was really delicious!

cup tearooms

The Tea

Another highlight was the extensive tea menu. I tried the Creamy Coconut black tea and also a Apple & Cinnamon green tea. They were both lovely, but the coconut tea really suited my taste. So much so that I bought a bag of teabags to take home as they sell the teas they serve.

Overall I really enjoyed this afternoon tea – more than I thought I would. The combination of interesting teas, fresh bread, warm scones and lovely flavours really made the £18 good value!

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