Linennaive Ylang 15 Dress Review

I have for quite a long time seen all these dreamy linen dresses on Instagram but not really understood the hype around linen garments as the material seemed a it rough to me. And now I realise it was probably because I’ve just been around linen of lower quality as this dress is so dreamy and so comfortable that I never want to take it off!

Linennaive Ylang 15

This dress is called the Ylang 15 and it from Linennaive. I have never previously ordered from them but already have my eyes on their Bergamot 20 dress as it just looks so lovely as well. I ordered with the standard free shipping and it took a little bit longer than stated on the website to receive the dress as they were understaffed following the pandemic, so just something to be aware of it you are ordering and need it for a particular date.

I ordered a size L and the fit is so lovely, especially since it’s adjustable with the ‘corset ties’ in either side. The only thing I noticed about the fit is that I need to wear a bra underneath or it will make my boobs a really odd shape as the seam that crosses the bust ‘cuts’ in to them and makes them both wider and almost like there’s four of them instead of two, but I am not sure if this is just down to the fact that the bust fits my exact measurement and perhaps I should’ve ordered a size up for a better fit but it’s something I would consider for future purchases because I think a larger size would still fit as it’s adjustable in the sides. Maybe I will make some 18th century stays that I can wear underneath instead of a bra for a nicer feel. The fact it is adjustable means that you can also control how comfortable the dress is in case you feel more bloated one day, or prefer a tighter fit or a looser fit for any reason. The skirt also offer lots of swooshability and it feels so cottage core meets royal princess.

I know Linennaive also have this dress in a Cinderella blue with shorter sleeves and I’m absolutely so tempted to buy one as well… one day!

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