My skincare favourites from 2020

My skincare year has involved a lot of testing different things that have been quite interesting. And lockdown made me appreciate my little monthly beauty box treats even more as it really became one of the highlights of the month.

It has also been the year that I really have started appreciating cleansing and if there’s any products that have been particularly of interest for me it’s been various forms of cleansers – from gels to balms and milks!

But here, in no particular order, are some of my favourite skincare products from 2020!

I’ve been purchasing most of my products from Lookfantastic, who also have my favourite monthly beauty box, and if you are curious to try the box or purchase products then the code MOA-RG6 get new users £5 off any order over £25 and also a free beauty box with any purchase over £45!

I’ve also included my affiliate links to ASOS and Boots for those products available there.

X-lash Eyelash Serum

Maybe not quite a skincare product but I’m still going to include it. This is one of those products that I’ve been seeing around for ages but not dared to believe in. Eventually I couldn’t help but to order the eyelash serum just to see if it would work. And to my surprise – it made such a different! My eyelashes got longer and I think thicker as well which I absolutely loved. I didn’t get the result until after 1-2 months of using it every evening but it was definitely worth it and I will continue to use it to keep the result up.

Elemis – Pro Collagen Marine & Night Cream

I first tried these products in a limited edition Elemis Glossybox and they really stood out. The scent is sweet but fresh and it has such a velvety feel that just feels nourishing and soft. It’s probably my No 1 favourite at the moment!

Make the Make – Hyaluronic Lip Oil

The one thing I don’t like about this product is that if you don’t make sure to screw the top on really tight it leaks… I now have lip oil in my handbag and in my beauty drawer which I would much rather be able to use on my lips. It has a sweet vanilla scent and the oil doesn’t feel greasy but soft and this is the best products I’ve tried that actually works instantly for dry lips.

Holika Holika – Red Wine Night Mask

This is like a candy treat! It as a delicious scent and gel consistency that feels so indulgent before bedtime. If you don’t want your skincare to smell like candy this is probably not for you, but I love it. Almost good enough to eat…

Beauty Pie Japanfusion Serum

I was very sceptic towards Beauty Pie to start because I heard a lot about them and wasn’t sure if the products was actually good. But I was happily surprised. I’m also intrigued by the clever idea to offer products after a points system but also making the products affordable. So far I’ve tried three skincare products and three make up products and I really like them all. Gentle but effective in my opinion and this serum feels soft and works wonderfully for everyday use. I really want to explore the rest of the Japanfusion series now as well.

If you are curious about Beauty Pie and would like to try them out then sign up here and get your first month free!

Imperial Leather Foamburst – Lychee & Lotus Flower

I first got this product as a sample in a beauty box and I loved it. The gel formula turns to soft foam where a little really goes a long way. To my disappointment it suddenly ran out and was completely empty when I reached for it in the shower. The explanation? My boyfriend loved it as well and used it all up… So I’ve now ordered a full size bottle – question is: do I need to hide it?

Oskia Renaissance – Cleansing Balm

One of the favourite cleansers this year. Feels fresh and soft and really helps remove the everyday dust and make up. The consistency is thick and gel-y just like I want it to be!

NaoBay – Detox Illuminating Micellar Water

It makes me so happy every time I find a Naobay products in one of my beauty boxes. The gel to milk cleanser was such a lovely product and this micellar water as well. The scent isn’t too strong but it leaves my face feel so prepped and ready for the rest of the routine and the day ahead. Like the fresh sensation gives a bit of positive energy through my skin.

Ecooking – Overnight Foot Cream

What is it about mint that just makes me want to use it everywhere? In water, in skincare and in food? This Overnight Foot Cream with mint makes my feet feel soft and fresh – almost like your teeth after brushing them and Ecooking is one of my favourite discoveries of 2020!

The Body Shop – British Rose Gel Toner

Rose as an ingredient is something I’ve really started to appreciate lately. This toner feels plumping and soothing with its gel consistency and gentle scent. On of the first products I included in my skincare routine and it is still a favourite.

ESPA – Detoxifying Body Oil

This feels like spa in a bottle. This heavy glass bottle is full of thick, spa scented liquid of softness and I need to get a new one asap as this really was my favourite to use after a shower to make my whole body feel super soft and cared for.

Polaar Nuit Polar

I keep this one in the fridge and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to put this cool and creamy night mask on when your face just feels a bit rough. Just a soft (cooling) relaxing hug for your face.

What’s your favourite skincare products from the past year?

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