10 things I want to do in 2021

I love having things to look forwards to, and right now it might be tricky to book anything just yet, but I couldn’t resist writing a list of a few things that I’d like to do in 2021.

1 . Visit Sweden

It’s now almost a year since I was in Sweden to see my family and friends so as soon as it’s safe and the flights won’t get cancelled I’ll book a ticket.

2 . Stay in a castle

I’m spending a lot of my time dreaming about staying in historic hotels, attending dreamy afternoon teas and experiencing old cities. In 2021 I hope to be able to book an overnight stay in a castle! Görvälns Slott outside of Stockholm, Sweden is one of the castle hotels at the top of my list.

3. Double my revenue as a sole trader

In 2020 I finally managed to start my own company as a sole trader for creative content, whisky tastings and writing primarily. In 2021 I want to continue to develop and build it even further.

4 . Book a ski holiday

Even though I might not get to ski in 2021, I’d love to get a ski holiday booked for maybe January 2022! I really miss the mountains…

5 . Keep developing my own vintage style in both a fashion and a mental sense.

Finding positivity, stories and beauty in simple things. Investing more in clothes that will last for years with good quality that can be used at multiple occasions instead. Finding time to read a book, do some knitting and be creative elsewhere that isn’t in front of a computer or mobile screen.

6 . Knit at least two jumpers (but probably more!).

Just a few weeks ago I discovered Fabel Knitwear by Helene Arnesen which immediately inspired me ! She designs wonderful knitting patterns for primarily jumpers inspired by a vintage era or design. Feminine and elegant as well as light and stylish instead of the chunkier and heavier styles that you most often find. So she inspired me to order yarn and knitting needles and the day before New Years Eve I started knitting away on my Diagonalley Jumper in a Misty Forest Green from Knitted Home and I’m hoping it will be done in just a few days! I’ll of course be sharing more about the process and result as soon as it is finished.

7 . Keep working on my yoga

Yoga always helps me feel calm, focused and strong. In 2021 I want to keep developing within yoga to rehabilitate the old injury I have in my thigh to get rid of the pain, learn how to hand stand and get back in to my splits comfortably. I’ll probably throw in an at-home ballet class in my living room now and then as well.

8 . Go for a visit to York

Do you ever fall in love with a place you’ve never been to? I was researching what trips that were reachable by train that you could potentially do from Edinburgh and York came up as an option. I didn’t know much about the place but the more I learned about it the more it seemed like a place that I would absolutely love. So I look forwards to hopefully booking a trip there when things have calmed down and travel is once more possible.

9 . Experience an adventure

For me adventures doesn’t have to be big. It could be horseback riding, going sailing, cold water swimming, another tree top adventure or just trying something new. An activity where I feel slightly adventurous, because that makes me feel so alive!

10 . Host a whisky tasting for only women

I do not wish to exclude anyone from learning about whisky, but I have been wanting to put together a tasting only for a group of women for quite a while now. Primarily because I want to encourage women to learn about whisky and to welcome them in to that fascinating world if they’re curious. And perhaps a space where you could meet like minded women and enjoy some whisky together would bring a positive and inspiring meeting.

What are you wanting to do in 2021?

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