2021 Knitting & Sewing Plans

sewing inspiration

I feel like 2021 will be a year of developing and learning more about knitting and sewing. I feel so inspired and creative right now and hopefully I’ll be able to transform this inspiration in to garments that I can wear. At the moment my style and ideas are all over the place, but my plan is to make whatever my heart desires and hopefully a personal expression through fashion will grow out of it.

My 2021 theme words are

romantic, fairytale, scandinavian, vintage, autumn, dreamy, marilyn, mymble, soft, candlelight, witch

sewing inspiration
photos from @fabelknitwear @plummum @ekaterinaandersen @subversivefemme

s e w i n g

a linen dress

schultz apparel minna dress


lliria Dress

lucia dress

halloween with a vintage twist

k n i t t i n g

Fabel Knitwear * Antiquity Blouse

Fabel Knitwear * Burrow Cardigan

Fabel Knitwear * Owlery Blouse

Tyrolean Jumper * Vintage Pattern

Elsa * Vintage Pattern

Poison Grrls *Joanie Boatneck

Plum Mum * Wrap Me Up Cardigan

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