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It’s always exciting to see two brands that you like combine their forces for a collaboration. Cairngorm Coffee started in the Cairngorms but now they have a couple of cafes around Edinburgh and they also roast their own beans so you can buy their bags to take home. Woven is a whisky blending company that focuses on being modern and provide good flavour. I’d probably dare to call both of these brands quite hipster so it makes total sense for them to team up. Together they were hosting an evening of cocktails, whisky and socialising at Cairngorm Coffee’s venue at Melville Place. They have also created a coffee spirit drink which is truly delicious! It has such an incredible coffee flavour and I wish I could have a lifetime supply of this stuff. Thankfully a bottle of this lovely stuff was included in the goodie bag that was handed out at the end of the evening so I’ll savour each drop that I now have at home. The cocktails served during the evening were brilliant and I was so surprised by the “Supersonic” with espresso, the Woven Superblend whisky, Mediterranean tonic as I probably wouldn’t have considered to combine espresso and tonic, but it made for a refreshing and lovely highball. It is very likely that I’ll try to make my own version at home for a future dinner party to try and wow my guests…

I hope to see more collaborations like these in the future and hopefully more events at Cairngorm Coffee too as it’s a beautiful venue.

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