Sewing the Lliria Dress from Pauline Alice Patterns

lliria dress

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I fell in love with this beautiful pattern from Pauline Alice straight away when I saw it! It has such a wonderful 1940’s feel to it and after sewing (and failing) with a few zippers in previous projects I really wanted to avoid them for the next project.

lliria dress


£23.96 Floral Soft Crepe Fabric (4m)

£1.59 Sewing Thread

£1.50 Beige Transluscent Buttons x 10

£10.99 Pauline Alice Lliria Dress Sewing Pattern

Total: £38.04


The process of sewing this Lliria Dress was pretty straightforward to match the pieces and sew them together. For me the process felt quite elegant and had little details that made the sewing very enjoyable. The little gathers around the shoulders for example makes for such a cute touch to the look.

Some bits were a bit fiddly, but I think that probably mainly due to the fabric being a bit slippery.

During the process when I was trying on the sleeves I got slightly worried that they were too tight. But when I sewed them in place they ended up being fine. This was probably my main worry during the project, but sometimes I just ened to trust the process. Another thing that didn’t turn ut perfectly was the waistband as I didn’t press the seam allowance enough for the double fold. But now I’ve learned that for next time!

Another error is that I underestimated the power of my seam ripper vs this soft crepe fabric so when I opened the buttonholes I overdid it. So one of my buttonholes stretched out width the sewn buttonhole which I fixed by hand sewing the edges around it. I just have to keep an eye on that specific button as it tends to sometimes come undone. Moa 0 – Buttonholes 1…

lliria dress

Pattern Review: The Lliria Dress

When I first read through the instructions I couldn’t quite rap my head about it. But as soon as I started following the instructions everything seemed to fall in to place. The instructions are good, with photos to show each step and I will definitely want to make another one as soon as possible. Perhaps in a linen fabric…

It also arrived in a handy little folder and I also like that the pattern is printed on proper paper instead of tissue paper. Another lovely detail is that the pattern comes with a label that you can sew in to your finished garment!

lliria dress

Voilá !

A great dress for summer and I’m already planning for what the next one should be. In my head I’d like it to be a blue or perhaps a green linen, but we’ll see…

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* If you use these links to buy something we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Thank you for supporting this blog.