Staying at the Cathedral House Hotel in Glasgow

cathedral house hotel

Since I managed to get a hold of two free tickets to the Sweden-Ukraine Euros 2020 game in Glasgow I also decided to treat myself to a night in a hotel. Partially also because I was supposed to go over to Glasgow the following day as well, so it seemed like a good solution.

I’m quite picky with hotels and much prefer when they give you a pleasant experience, rather than just being a room with a bed. As usual it took me quite a long time, and a lot of research, to find some options that looked good. And I finally settled on Cathedral House Hotel.

I chose the hotel because it had an alright price, good location as well as a modern & fresh meets historical building feel that I just love. Don’t get me wrong – I also love a historic touch to the rooms in a historical building of course but I find that in a lot of generic hotels the whole experience can feel a bit low standard.

The check in for the hotel said to arrive between 15.00-22.00 but since I didn’t know when the football would be done I asked if it was possible to check in later. The response was that it was possible, since you do a self-check in because of the COVID rules so you can arrive whenever. You get a code for the side door and the key to your room is in the door. Also good to know that the opening hours for the restaurant are limited to weekends alone at the moment I believe so a good thing to double check before arrival. I’d love to come back and stay again as well as try the restaurant as I hear the seafood is good!

cathedral house hotel

The Location of Cathedral House Hotel

The Cathedral House Hotel was located a 15 minute walk from Queen Street Station and central Glasgow where my train got in, which was ideal. I took an earlier train so that I could check in before the game as well as get some nice photos in daylight.

It is right next to Necropolis, which I can definitely recommend to check out if you are in Glasgow. It’s an old victorian cemetery right next to the Glasgow Cathedral which also gives you a lovely view of Glasgow.

Pros: Comfortable and big bed. Alright breakfast (£7.95) due to covid I believe brought up to the room.

cathedral house hotel view

I had booked The Loft which was located on the top floor. There’s no elevator, so just bear in mind that there’s about three floors of a spiral staircase if you stay at the top. But on a positive notes you get the lovely view that you can see above!

cathedral house hotel

It was unbearably hot on this day so I quickly opened all the windows so that as much air as possible could get in before I got back. I don’t think there’s any air conditioner, which was a slight con – but by the time I got back around 23.00 the air was much cooler and the room had a great temperature on the slightly colder side – which is perfect for me!

The kettle also didn’t work, as far as I could see. But to be fair I didn’t ask the staff about it, since I only discovered it late when I got back after the game and I was only staying one night. I do enjoy having a cup of tea by myself in the hotel room if it is an option and there was even this tray of Tunnocks Tea Cakes, coffee and tea so it would’ve definitely been a perk.

And finally the room says it has complimentary Wi-Fi but I couldn’t get it to connect in the room, but I didn’t mind that too much as I have data on my phone anyways.

The Room

I love the quirky and unique look of the rooms at Cathedral House Hotel. The Loft is so cosy and the bed is SO comfortable. It’s a king size and one of the comfiest beds I’ve slept in. The shower is monsoon shower and although quite small in this room – was clean and inviting like the rest of the room. There’s also a little table with a chair which was great for when I put on my make up in the morning.

cathedral house hotel room

The Breakfast

All communication with the staff was through text message. On the night of my stay I got to decide what time I wanted breakfast brought up to my room as well as which hot drink I wanted. I went for an early breakfast with tea and enjoyed the luxury of sitting in the lovely and – did I mention comfortable? – bed. I was quite surprised by the breakfast as I wasn’t sure what to expect. Usually I’m a big fan of good hotel breakfasts and enjoy a buffet style or a la carte, but also here I’m quite picky. But this breakfast was lovely – a good amount of food. Danish pastry, orange juice, tea, yoghurt and fresh fruit & berries. The highlight was the fruit and berries which were really fresh and tasted great!

cathedral house hotel breakfast

I would definitely consider staying here again and it will probably be at the top of my list of options if I ever need a hotel in Glasgow again!

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