Christmas Afternoon Tea at The Signet Library

I’ve had my eye on this venue for quite a while now so when my friend suggested we book an afternoon tea, this was at the top of the list!

We managed to time our visit to align with their new festive menu for December so on a cold but sunny afternoon we hid away next to St Giles cathedral on the Royal Mile to try it out.

afternoon tea

We were shown to a table that was located in between two bookcases, to the side of the “main hall”. Through the 3 hours that we managed to sit here, the atmosphere in the room was just perfect and the sounds were never too loud.

Savouries & Sandwiches

The food was served on different trays, starting with the savouries and sandwiches, continuing with sweets and scones and finishing with a delightful little blood orange sorbet.


Each of the bites are cute small in size, which I really like. In spite of this we became really full and I didn’t manage to finish everything. The sandwiches were really fresh and the little gammon ‘tart’ on the plate above was my favourite and contained apple sauce as well.

I’m usually quite picky with the sweet things because I often find that here in the UK most of the baked goods and dessert are way too sweet, in comparison to the Swedish desserts I’m used to. And I know it’s a festive afternoon tea but Mince Pies just aren’t for me… With that said, I thought that the sweet tray had a lot of things that managed the balance really well and this is probably the best desserts I’ve had in Edinburgh so far. I even said to my friend that of all the mince pies I’ve tried, this was probably the best one I’d had.

My favourite out of the sweets was the little trifle above and the red bauble which I believe contained a raspberry mousse which was delightful. Just look at that mirror glaze!

The Afternoon Tea also offers unlimited tea (and coffee) so we tried their own Signet Blend, a white tea and a Masala Chai. I quite enjoyed them all but the white tea quickly became quite bitter when it had brewed too long so I preferred the other two.

I wore my new puff dress that I managed to finish sewing just earlier the same day.

Overall it was so lovely and I would definitely consider coming back. One, if not the, best afternoon tea in Edinburgh that I have tried so far.

The price starts at £50/person and I would probably say that this is more of a special occasion Afternoon Tea with the venue, the flavours and the pricing in mind.

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