Staying at The Boath House outside of Nairn

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Part of a press trip to The Singleton of Glen Ord and Talisker Distillery.

The Boath House is located just outside of Nairn, in between Inverness and Elgin about a 30 minutes drive from each. This makes it a lovely stay if you are visiting distilleries in Speyside as well as The Singleton of Glen Ord or if you need a stop on the way to the Isle of Skye, which was the case for us.

It was originally built as a family home in the 1830’s this beautiful building now acts as a hotel, garden café and restaurant. The Boath House may be most known for declining a Michelin star in 2017 as they wanted a more relaxed and informal dining experience that would appeal the locals as well as passing travellers. They have a wonderfully relaxed yet chic interior design which honours the history of the building and doesn’t try too hard to be modern or quirky. And manages to capture a unique friendly, yet luxurious atmosphere immaculately.

I already can’t wait to return to the Boath House as I was really impressed by our experience here.

The Room

When we arrived a roaring fire welcomed us in the courtyard and the staff were friendly and quick to show us all to our rooms. I was staying in Room 8 which is located one flight of stairs down in the main house and even had a little terrace where the coffee and teas could be found. The hotel also can offer a lodge, cabin or studios on the grounds besides the rooms in the house.

The room had quite an effortless Scandinavian-esque design with wooden floors and furniture. The freestanding bath has a tendency to make a room look luxurious and the shower and toilet were in separate rooms. As I was traveling with The Singleton of Glen Ord there were little Singleton goodies waiting on the bed as well as their signature macarons which are super tasty. I’d highly recommend trying them at their café or during the whisky tour at the distillery. As we were a fairly large group we had the entire place to ourselves for this stay.

In the morning I treated myself to a nice calm bath and in the shower there were both body wash, shampoo and conditioner from Aesop in a lovely scent.

The Dinner

After an old fashioned made with The Singleton Whisky and canapés we sat down for dinner in the lovely open dining room. The dinner was absolutely lovely and we had white, red wine and port wine paired to each course. When I returned from our trip I’ve had a lot of friends tell me that they know about the Boath House and their good food in particular so I’d love to come back for the garden café in the spring or summer as well. The staff also informed us that they try to source a lot of local produce and herbs and spices from their own garden.


Lobster, carrots and onions

Roast sirloin, cep bordelaise, cob nuts and parmesan

Hazelnut, apple and whisky tart

The Breakfast

I managed to get up before anyone else and enjoy a peaceful moment in this autumnal beautiful morning setting with a cup of peppermint tea. There were candles elegantly placed in the various rooms and a lovely breakfast menu to choose from. I decided for pinhead porridge with heather honey and burnt grapefruit. I’d recommend anyone to try the grapefruit as it was truly delicious and the porridge was such an autumnal treat. Moments like this calm morning by the candlelight, with rain pouring down outside the window is why I love traveling in autumn so much.

The Location & Surroundings

The Boath House sits in a lovely countryside setting with a pond right next to the house where guests can sit down and enjoy the view of the birds on the water. In front of the house there a large oak tree and during our stay this building was definitely giving regency vibes. The garden is right next doors to the house and surrounded by a stone wall. A beautiful and peaceful corner of the world.

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