Afternoon Tea at the Cask Smugglers Secret Domes

As I surprise for my birthday I got an Afternoon Tea at the Cask Smugglers Secret Domes, which I’ve been curious about ever since I saw the weird structures appear on the top of Waverley Train Station here in Edinburgh. With such a lovely view of the Old Town, The Balmoral and The Castle it’s a perfect place to book for a special occasion.

These Domes aren’t just available for Afternoon Tea, but for charcuterie boards, cheese boards or just drinks. You book a time slot of 2 hours and get a speaker so you can play whatever music you want. There’s a button to call your waiter if you want to order anything else. I thought these were just a temporary thing for Christmas. But turns out they’re now a permanent instalment.

Afternoon Tea

The Afternoon Tea is about £25/pp. We also shared a Bramble Edinburgh Gin teapot cocktail which was about £23 each. And boy was it boozy! Definitely a good thing that we had the cakes and sandwiches as well.

The savoury food consisted of two types of baguette based sandwiches – chicken pesto and sweet chilli red pepper. The sweets were two donuts (raspberry and blueberry), brownie bites, and cinnamon rolls. The cinnamon rolls were outstanding – definitely the highlight of the tray. The brownie bites were all great – very dense in a good way but I was happy that they were served in bitesize squares. The filling in the donuts was a bit too sweet and flavourless and quantity wise it was just a bit too much – I would’ve preferred less filling and perhaps a jam. The sandwiches were nice and fun with something different than finger sandwiches which suited the occasion. Overall I really enjoyed it and as a birthday surprise it was so much fun!

And I would love to come back with some friends for an evening of drinks soon!

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    1. Hi Penny,
      I don’t work with the Cask Smugglers so I would recommend contacting them directly to see if they’re able to help ☺️
      Hope your daughter will have a great birthday!

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