My 2021 Christmas Eve Dress

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I left it fairly last minute before actually deciding on what I wanted to wear from Christmas. As we were traveling to Sweden I needed to decide more than a week in advance and I actually only finished it in the morning the same day as our flights. I had the idea for a red chiffon dress about a month ago because I just wanted something classic and simple, yet lovely. So a few metres of chiffon and the Night & Day Dress pattern from Charm Patterns it was!

night and day dress


Pattern: Night & Day Dress from Charm Patterns £26.99

Fabric: Supreme Chiffon Fabric (maroon) 5m & Anti Static Lining Fabric (367) 4m £36.91

Red Zipper 50cm £2.25

Total price of project: £39,16 + 26.99
night and day dress


I used the bodice with rounded neckline, the bishop sleeves and for the skirt I just used the fabric that was left and gathered a rectangular skirt. This was my first time sewing chiffon and following my puff dress I already knew I like the silky-feeling anti static lining fabric. Although I have to say that my dress became super static during Christmas Eve and I’m not entirely sure why. My hair was also really static throughout the entire stay and I’ve not had that problem for years. The lining fabric is however easy to work with, besides being a bit slippy so some pins fall out of it and don’t want to stay put. The chiffon was quite difficult to cut, but probably just because I hadn’t pinned it enough but sewing was alright. I cut the chiffon so that the sealed edge became the hem so I saved myself some time. I also left the sleeves without lining and I really like the slight contrast it brings.

I was also so happy when I woke up on Christmas Eve morning and saw that it had snowed overnight and the landscape outside was all white and glistening.

night and day dress


I’m really happy with how it turned out – especially with the snow in these photos, although I must admit it’s not designed for -12C! Originally I wanted to do a double circle skirt but it would’ve been tricky to get the length I wanted and I didn’t have enough fabric to achieve this so went for the gathered rectangle instead. I think the thing I like the best about the dress are the bishop sleeves. They really suit the chiffon fabric and make the dress feel romantic and flowy. I opted for the round neckline simply because I hadn’t tried it before, only the square neckline, and I think that perhaps I should’ve this time around as well but that’s just a detail. I think it would’ve made it a little bit more interesting and I just love a square neckline…

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* If you use these links to buy something we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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