My favourite knitting patterns

knitting pattern

Since I often get the question to recommend my favourite knitting patterns, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a little guide here on the blog. Here below you’ll find my favourite patterns listed, as well as the links to each pattern review. I’ll continuously add new ones as I try them out.

If you are looking for sewing patterns, I’ve written a similar guide for my favourite sewing patterns as well!

k n i t t i n g ・ p a t t e r n s

Fabel Knitwear Rowena Jumper

rowena jumper fabel knitwear

Fabel Knitwear Fuzzy Pixie Hood

fuzzy pixie hood

Fabel Knitwear Giselle Blouse

Fabel Knitwear Owlery Blouse

Plummum Wrap Me Up Cardigan

wrap me up cardigan plummum

Chunky Jellybean Vest

To-knit list

Fabel Knitwear Garland Jumper

Fabel Kniwear Olive Oyl Jumper

Fabel Knitwear Antiquity Blouse

Fabel Knitwear Maud Blouse

Anett Opheim Bølgevest

Augustins no 1

Vintage Pattern Elsa

Vintage Pattern Tyrolean Jumper

Squid’s School of Vintage Knitting The Homefront Jumper

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