My favourite knitting patterns

knitting pattern

Since I often get the question to recommend my favourite knitting patterns, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a little guide here on the blog. Here below you’ll find my favourite patterns listed, as well as the links to each pattern review. I’ll continuously add new ones as I try them out.

If you are looking for sewing patterns, I’ve written a similar guide for my favourite sewing patterns as well!

k n i t t i n g ・ p a t t e r n s

Fabel Knitwear Owlery Blouse

Plummum Wrap Me Up Cardigan

wrap me up cardigan plummum

Chunky Jellybean Vest

To-knit list

Fabel Knitwear Garland Jumper

Fabel Kniwear Olive Oyl Jumper

Fabel Knitwear Antiquity Blouse

Anett Opheim Bølgevest

Augustings no 16

Augustins no 1

Vintage Pattern Elsa

Vintage Pattern Tyrolean Jumper

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