My favourite sewing patterns

sewing pattern

Since I often get the question to recommend my favourite sewing patterns, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a little guide here on the blog. Here below you’ll find my favourite patterns listed, as well as the links to each pattern review. I’ll continuously add new ones as I try them out.

If you are looking for knitting patterns, I’ve written a similar guide for my favourite knitting patterns as well!

s e w i n g ・ p a t t e r n s

Lliria Sewing Pattern by Pauline Alice

Minna Sewing Pattern by Schultz Apparel

Bakerloo Dress Sewing Pattern by Nina Lee

Gertie 6453 Sewing Pattern by Butterick

18th Century Stays 8162 Pattern by Simplicity

And here’s a few sewing patterns that are on my to-try list!

Burda 6520

Burda 7057

McCalls 7493

McCalls 8150

Park Lane by Nina Lee

Smooth Sailing Blouse

Gertie Barbie Top

Gertie Scout Dress

Gertie Scout Capelet

By hand London Sundeep Dress

Selkie Patterns London Dress

McCalls 8108

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