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You probably already know that The Cocktail Mafia is one of my favourite spots for cocktails in Edinburgh – considering I already have quite a few posts about them . So I was really curious when I heard that they where launching a food menu in collaboration with Delightfully Delicious!

Delightfully Delicious Food Menu

The menu contains various street-food items such as buttermilk chicken, fried, sandwiches, burgers and nachos. I really enjoyed my chicken nachos served with the classics guacamole, salsa and sour cream. Would highly recommend the Korean chicken which was super tasty. And also the warm red velvet brownie with ice cream because it was L U S H! The Cocktail Mafia has such a lovely atmosphere. It’s really lovely to hide away with friends or on a date night.

Cocktail Picks

In terms of cocktails we tried Photogenic. It is really good and also comes with a polaroid photo that the staff take of you when serving the cocktail. It’s also usually served in a glass that looks like a camera lens. Secondly we also had Smells like Roses – which is usually served in a rose shaped glass but unfortunately I got another glassware this time. But this is a lovely cocktail which doesn’t taste to floral-y but is one I’d definitely order again. Cody went for a Negroni Spritz which I really liked as well, definitely took some of the bitterness out and made it more enjoyable. And last but not least he also had a Moves like Jäger – a tiki cocktail made with Jägermeister which probably is my new favourite!

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