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I’m a big fan of tasting menus so was thrilled to be invited to try out one of the Fallachan Night dining experiences with Fallachan Dining at SWG3 The Acid Bar in Glasgow. They are soon launching in their own space (planned for autumn 2023) where the idea will be to host intimate dining room experiences over one shared dining table but also have a multi-functional space for masterclasses and private events. So as a taste of what’s to come they are hosting guests at The Acid Bar which has an inviting Scandinavian vibe where guests are seated by sharing tables of approximately 6 guests per table.

Chef Grozier has put together a 9 course menu for the Fallachan Nights which is focused on local and seasonal ingredients and there’s the option of a wine pairing alongside the courses. The menu is prices at £80/pp and menu + drink pairing is £125/pp. The next Fallachan Night is taking place on Saturday September 30th.

The menu for the evening

The evening started with a welcome drink and I went for the recommended So fresh, so green which contained The Botanist Gin, borage, blackcurrant leaf and vinaigrette syrup and tasted like an elegant and fresh salad in a glass.

The scallop starter was one of the my favourite dishes of the menu. The soft bao bun-esque bread with the savoury seafood and fresh horseradish was a bundle of flavour which together with the Italian sparkling Sangiovese was a fireworks kick off to the evening. The side broth was an umami delight and a palate cleaner ahead of the sourdough and charcuterie.

The sourdough was served warm and it was nice to see that the dinners drinks sponsors of Bruichladdich & The Botanist featured in the bread as well since it was heavily peated octomore sourdough with the wash butter.

The charcuterie plate was the visual art of the evening and featured Islay hare salami, sirloin from Fife, Islay beer onion and miso radishes. The top right thinly sliced meat was my favourite on the plate.

Next up was the bass which was another one of the highlights on the menu for me. It was also served alongside an Gusbourne English chardonnay which was all buttered popcorn to me – and I loved it. The buttery wine alongside the elegant fish was a lovely complement of both flavour and texture. I’m also quite the asparagus fan so another bonus for my palate.

The grouse was served alongside another gorgeous wine and this Spanish Rioja also felt quite buttery in texture but was full of blueberries in flavour. The blueberry tones complemented the grouse really well, but I felt as if this dish could’ve benefited from some more texture differences as all elements were quite soft.

It was time to head into dessert territory and I believe this might’ve been my first time trying Crowdie, which is a fresh scottish cows milk cheese. This course felt like an appetiser of the desserts to come and felt a little like a berry yoghurt topped with cheese, although the fig tones alongside the more savoury cheese was an interested contrast that I quite enjoyed.

My second favourite dish of the evening was the Bare Bones chocolate with damson which was like a silky mousse with buckwheat koji. The damson cut through the rich chocolate and was a delightful combination! This dish was served with a French sweet wine and both the dessert and the wine were delicious, although I found them to be a tad too sweet in combination with each other.

Lastly we finished up with a birch syrup tart which was a sweet bitesized end to the evening and I chose to eat mine alongside a little dram of The Laddie 10 Year Old. I feel like the whisky would’ve been a great pairing with the chocolate as well, especially as chocolate + whisky is a wonderful combination, but I’m also well aware that not everyone is keen on whisky. But if you are, I’d definitely recommend it. The Bruichladdich 10 is quite robust, but with lovely flavour, so it can stand up to quite powerful dishes.

Overall, I had a lovely evening and I’d love to come back and experience Fallachan Dining once again at some point in the future. I’m a big fan of the idea of having people share tables and experience different – and perhaps new – flavour combinations through the dining experience. I’m also always so curious to see what talented chefs can do with local and seasonal ingredients as I find a lot of inspiration for my own cooking. I think a lot of people will find Fallachan Nights really enjoyable.

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